Hunters prepare to move off after digging out a fox and killing it with hounds.
Hunters stand by with spades and terrier and watch as hounds kill fox.

Hounds have chased the fox to ground. Hunters wait for Terrier Man to arrive to dig out the fox to be killed by hounds.

The illegal blocking of badger sets by hunters in Coillte Forestry Dunsandle Craughwell Co. Galway , in order to stop fox cobs evading hounds. The hunters kill the fox cubs in the Coillte Forests in order to blood the hounds to make the hounds vicious for killing the adult foxes.

Fox running for its life - being chased by hounds and hunters.
Fox cruelly torn apart by hounds and remains discarded by hunters.

Sheepdog attacked by hounds

Shame on the Government that allows this uncivilised, vulgar and cruel activity to carry on.




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